Reasons to buy an XBox One

10 reasons to buy an XBox One
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Reasons to buy an XBox One

It’s cheaper than Sony’s PlayStation 4
Reasons to buy an XBox One - It’s cheaper than Sony’s PlayStation 4
By only $50 ($350 versus $400), sure. But that’s more than the price of a used game and nearly the price of a new one. If you want the least expensive game console, that’s technically Nintendo’s Wii U. But if you want the least expensive (upfront) platform that plays third-party games like Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight, the Xbox One wins the price tag war — for now.

Playing Halo 5 : Guardians
Reasons to buy an XBox One - Playing Halo 5 : Guardians
The only place to play the fifth installment in Microsoft’s storied sci-fi Halo series is the Xbox One. Halo 5: Guardians arrives October 27—a week earlier for Limited Collector’s Edition buyers. And if you want to replay the first four games remastered for Xbox One, the Halo Master Chief Collection, whose online features were still in triage through the early part of this year, looks to finally be in solid shape.

Playing Halo
Reasons to buy an XBox One - Playing Halo
It’s axiomatic to the game console wars that a vocal minority will forever turn the “which to buy” debate into a fracas over technical exotica. Microsoft’s Xbox One has suffered more than Sony’s PlayStation 4 in this regard, struggling to hit today’s high-def sweet spot (1o80p) in faceoffs with its more popular rival. It hasn’t helped that the Xbox One looks like a kludgy 1980s desktop computer, a throwback to boxy “kitchen sink” power design.

The Xbox One is a superior media hub
Reasons to buy an XBox One - The Xbox One is a superior media hub
While Sony has stripped out many of the PS3's digital talents to focus the PlayStation 4 on gaming, the Xbox One improves its all-round media mastery. It has a bigger line-up of apps compared to the PS4, including Netflix, Lovefilm and 4OD - BBC iPlayer and Sky apps are in the pipeline for 2014. The new Xbox dashboard also includes Skype, which uses the bundled Kinect Sensor, and an improved version of Internet Explorer. You can 'snap' apps side-by-side too. Crucially, however, the HDMI input on the back of the machine enables you to connect another video source (like a cable or satellite box) and switch seamlessly between gaming and live TV. No channel-flipping required.

You can stream Xbox One games to a Windows 10 PC
Reasons to buy an XBox One - You can stream Xbox One games to a Windows 10 PC
You’ll need a Windows 10 computer, of course, but if you already have a prerelease version of the operating system (or plan to get one when the public version of Windows 10 arrives on July 29) and you like the idea of cordless platform interoperability, this slick little bonus feature just emerged from beta. Sidebar: Microsoft plans to reintroduce cross-platform gaming (Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs) with Fable Legends later this year. And Windows 10 will itself soon replace the Xbox One’s native operating system as part of Microsoft’s ongoing OS unification strategy.

All my mates have one
Reasons to buy an XBox One - All my mates have one
I got an xbox one over PS4 simply because all my friends have Xbox Ones and we play a LOT of EA's NHL over the winter months. There's no use for me getting a PS4 when I have no one to play with. Plus, I've always preferred the Xbox controller. The new Dual Shock is better on the PS4 but the Xbox controller just fits like a glove for me. I might get a PS4 next fall. We'll see. Depends if they release something that makes me completely change my mind.. Also, the multiplatform games are not THAT much weaker. Yes, the PS4 versions of multi platform games are better but not that much better. Most people are acting like the PS4 makes the Xbox One look like an N64 in comparison and it's just not the case. While playing Battlefield I couldn't even tell the difference between the two until I seen an online video showcasing the differences. Seemed like the PS4 has marginally better AA and some mild shade differences. Nothing that would make the Xbox One version look like a turd in comparison. It's blown out of proportion..

The Xbox One loves your smartphone and tablet
Reasons to buy an XBox One - The Xbox One loves your smartphone and tablet
You don't need to own a Microsoft phone or Windows 8 tablet to add a second screen to the Xbox One. While the new Xbox One SmartGlass app was initially available for Windows Phone devices, SmartGlass will also support iOS and Android by the time the Xbox One launches, turning iPads, iPhones, Hudls and Samsung Galaxy Tabs into connected companion devices. SmartGlass for Xbox One will support multiple connections too, allow you to view game clips, handle matchmaking and make it easier to chat with your friends or surf the web on your TV.

Every Xbox One includes a Kinect sensor
Reasons to buy an XBox One - Every Xbox One includes a Kinect sensor
By including a Kinect sensor as standard with the Xbox One, it gives Microsoft's console several advantages. It gives developers a reason to include motion functionality in their games and to create more innovative games for Microsoft's system. While Kinect for Xbox 360 was impressive, the Xbox One version benefits from an increased 1080p resolution and a wide-angle view. Consequently, it works better in lower lighting conditions, tracks movement with scary precision, recognises faces, and boasts improved voice and gesture control. Expect a slew of Nintendo Wii-style party games to take advantage of the Kinect 2 post-launch.

Your friends play on Xbox Live
Reasons to buy an XBox One - Your friends play on Xbox Live
Social networks are the future of any online-focused platform. No one save Sony and Microsoft have the hard statistical data accounting for who played what, where and how often on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but if your friends mostly live on Xbox Live, abandoning your pals to play with strangers may be out of the question. (Note that Xbox Live runs $60 a year, and it’s mandatory if you want to play games or do much of anything else with the Xbox One online.)

Backward compatibility
Reasons to buy an XBox One - Backward compatibility
Console-makers are under no obligation to retrofit their flagship systems with prior-gen titles, but when they do, no one’s going to complain. The Xbox 360 has a powerful back library well worth preserving. The initial list of backward compatible games (in beta, as part of the Xbox One preview program) may look small, but expect it to grow, and anything that made piles of cash to appear on it eventually.