Reasons to grow your own vegetables

9 reasons to grow your own vegetables
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Reasons to grow your own vegetables

Its a scientifically proven stress buster
Horticultural therapists say gardening in general can provide a sense of control which helps counter the effects of stress and anxiety!

It can save you lots of money!
Growing your own vegetables is one of the most obvious ways of saving money, and is something that nearly all of us can do, even if you have little or no garden. Yes, really! You just need to have a sunny spot, near a source of water (i.e. you need to be able to run a hose there) and you can begin. If you don’t have any spare ground, you can begin your foray into self sufficiency by starting to grow your own veg in pots or containers.

Can reduce your risk of osteoporosis!
When you dig and pull out weeds you bend and stretch you give all of the major muscle groups are getting a work out!

Great for fitness
Reasons to grow your own vegetables - Great for fitness
Its hard work digging over a plot and is cardio exercise, so great for your fitness levels.

Reasons to grow your own vegetables - Freshness
We've all run into the problem of reaching into our fridge's produce drawers and finding limp or bruised vegetables. You won't have that problem when you can pick them straight from the source and put them in your dinner that night. Produce found in the grocery store is typically picked half ripe, having an effect on its flavor.

It can reduce your risk of stroke
The US "Stroke" journal reported that gardening was as likely to reduce the Stroke risk as jogging and swimming!

Being in the sun
Obviously we all know that too much sun can be bad for us, particularly if not wearing sun block. But a small amount regularly is very good for our immune system! We turn sun into Vitamin D which in turn helps us absorb more calcium... Calcium helps make our bones and immune system strong!

Control what goes in your food
You can either be very strict in keeping your produce organic, or use fertilizer and pest control that you approve of. The security of knowing how your food is grown and what is used in the process can be reason enough to grow your own.

Its quite exciting!
Reasons to grow your own vegetables - Its quite exciting!
I get more excited than my kids do when the runner beans start to appear on the plant and I dig under the potato plants and find that they have actually grown!!


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