Reasons to head to the pub

5 reasons to head to the pub
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Reasons to head to the pub

You'll be happier
A trip to the King’s Head provides a mood boost, and not just in the short term. Scottish researchers found drinking with friends protects men’s mental health, as well as strengthening the bonds between buddies. Best get your round in.

There's history in beer!
According to the British Beer and Pub Association people discovered you could make beer in 8000BC! And some historians attribute that discovery with the creation of farming and believe it or not civilisation! Think on that when you order your next beer...

You’ll have a healthier heart
The occasional ale has been shown to reduce stroke risk, and Czech scientists found that beer’s folate content protects against cardiovascular disease. Moderate intake means a pint a day, so put down that yard of ale.

You’ll be smarter
Your declining performance in the tail-end of a pub quiz is, admittedly, alcohol induced, but in the long term, research at Boston Medical University has shown that booze boosts blood flow to your brain, improving your mental function. A liquid breakfast before morning meetings doesn't have the same effect.

There's history in the Pub!
The pub may well have been created during the Roman Colonization of Britain as a place to stop and gain rest and refreshment on the journey along the newly created road network! By 1446 the ‘Hostellers of London’ were granted guild status and the sale of beer was now very common up and down Britain!